Welcome to Fantasiam

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Coming from Bosnia & Herzegowina

Fantasiam is born in Bosnia and became an International project gathering young professionals from several countries. 

The team is working under the mentoring cane of dev. Belmin Kozlic.

•In search of investors so the game can be finished 

About the game:

Fantasiam is a first-person game, focused on solving puzzles and exploration with RPG elements. Our main idea is to make the combat system and leveling with even more RPG elements.

The game is based on south-eastern Slavic's history, mythology and culture.

There is an Open world part of a game, which involves the possibility to explore the beautiful multi-regions.

Regions are handmade and they consist of many ancients cities, sharp ice lands, forests, actually everything that comes on your mind. 

Every finished quest have a huge consequence on the story itself and the world is changing based on the player's actions, meaning different experience for every user. Many puzzles, riddles and hopefully combat choices await our future players.


•Get a green light from the Steam

•Start a kick-starter campaign

•Playable Alpha version of the game will be available in: n/a

•Final version of a game will be in: n/a

•Making a console version after the release of a PC copy

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Happy gaming!