We are international team with high hopes for this adventure/project. From September 2015., we are working under support of the community Association Planet Design International. Our team now count 11  young professionals  and 2 supporting studios.

Major members of the project are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Zenica.

Our project development includes:

•working on a game itself

•writing a story

•designing art package

•composing the music

Meet the Team:

Belmin Kozlić

Project leader and coordinator, Founder of Fantasiam. Main level designer and marketing. From Bosnia, Zenica.

Note: „Fantasiam is my life, work and motivation.“

Occupation: Student

Melisa Haćimić-Ljubović

Concept design, member of creative department. From Bosnia, currently live and work in Austria, Vienna.

Note: „Fantasiam is very big step for Bosnia, gaming community, and youths in technology.  "

Occupation: Profesionally engaged in architecture studio  in Vienna and several freelance software dev. projects.

Belmin Alagić

Story writer, member of creative department (assigned for main level ideas) and marketing  team. From Bosnia, Zenica.

Note: „Fantasiam has a enormous potential and I had to be part of this  team.“

Occupation: Student

Tarik Husremović

Blueprints/website editor, story writer, member of a creative department. From Bosnia, Zenica.

Note: „Fantasiam made me to push my limits, to learn more about game developing process.“

Occupation:   Student

Dino Alagić

Music composer, From Bosnia, Zenica.

Note: „For some time I am researching music and mythology of slavic people, so the whole idea of being a part in a project like this was very interesting to me. It was challenging to work on a music for Fantasiam.“

Occupation: Librarian & Musician

Yan Senna Dong

3d Modeler, China. Note: „Grab a cold beer and dive into the amazing world of Fantasiam, where getting lost is a good thing.“

Nuno Silva

Modeler from Portugal.

Note: „The environment gives you a bright and vivid feeling, a refreshment from what gamers are used to. The team is using some free tools available in Unreal Engine 4 in a smart way, which helps building game faster.“

Yanire Delgado

3d modeler, Madrid, Spain.

Note: „Beauty and fantasy at the same time.“

Occupation: Proffesional 3D Modeler

Mensur Horic

member of creative department

Note: „Fantasiam is fantastic game of great opportunities.“

Occupation:  Shop owner

Fantasiam Team

Christopher Rose

Animator, England.

Note: „A vast breathing taking aesthetic land full of mythos and mystery.“

Semir Buro

member of creative department

White Noise Wave studio

Professional studio assigned for voices, sounds and effects. Located in England.

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